About This Workshop Series

Since its inception in 2004, the computer vision/perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum workshop series (IEEE PBVS) has been one of the key events in the computer vision and pattern recognition (CVPR) community featuring imaging, sensing and exploitation algorithms in the non-visible spectrum (infrared, thermal, radar, …). It is a leading meeting for scientists, researchers, students and engineers from academia, industry, and government agencies throughout the world so we invite you to participate in PBVS 2016. For more information refer to the Call for Paper and the Submission Instructions.

Topics of Interests

Sensing/Imaging Technologies

  • IR/EO imaging system
  • Underwater sensing
  • Hyperspectral/Satellite imaging
  • Spectroscopy/Microscopy imaging
  • LIDAR/LDV sensing
  • Compressive sensing
  • RADAR/SAR imaging
  • RGBD sensing

Applications and Systems

  • Surveillance and reconnaissance systems
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Autonomous ships
  • Autonomous grasping
  • Vision-aided navigation
  • Night/Shadow vision
  • Sensing for agriculture and food safety
  • Vision-based autonomous multi-copter

Theory and Algorithm

  • Imagery/Video exploitation
  • Object/Target tracking and recognition
  • Feature extraction and matching
  • Activity recognition
  • Deep learning for perception
  • Multimodal/Multi-sensor data fusion
  • Multimodal registration
  • Video + text fusion


  • PBVS '16 Final Program is online!
  • Prof. Erik Learned-Miller will give a talk on the workshop!
  • PBVS '16 Program is online!
  • Keynote speeches are updated!
  • Deadlines are extended!
  • New website is online!
  • Paper submission is open!
  • Important dates are updated!
  • PBVS '16 website is online!

Important Dates

  • Paper Submission: March 24
  • Author Notification: April 13
  • Camera Ready: April 27
  • PBVS Workshop: June 26