Dataset 03: OSU Color and Thermal Database

Location 1

Sequence 1: Thermal [], Color []

Sequence 2: Thermal [], Color []

Sequence 3: Thermal [], Color []

Location 2

Sequence 4: Thermal [], Color []

Sequence 5: Thermal [], Color []

Sequence 6: Thermal [], Color []

Below are files containing tracking results provided by Alex Leykin on the dataset given above, as reported in "Thermal-Visible Video Fusion for Moving Target Tracking and Pedestrian Classification" by Alex Leykin, Yang Ran, and Riad Hammoud, OTCBVS, 2007. Further explanation of the tracking methodology can be found here.

[]: The results are stored in Computer Vision Markup Language (CVML) format along with the original sequences in XVID encoded avi files.

[CVML-Player-Setup.exe]: Also included is a CVML player for previewing the results. CVML Player loads pre-recorded human tracking data and displays it by overlaying on top of the original video. Each tracked body is represented by the bounding box rectangle.

How to use:

1) Run CVML Player.exe
2) Click "Load Video" (included)
3) Click "Load CVML" (also included)
4) Click "play" (spacebar) or "stop" (escape) to see tracking in progress

Please contact for any questions.

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