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Remote Sensing Data Analysis

Our research on remote sensing data analysis is conducted in the context of the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) that seeks to encourage farmland owners to adopt sustainable management practices. There are two CRP-related research issues that involves remotely sensed Landsat imagery, i.e., CRP mapping and compliance monitoring. The first one focuses on the delineation of CRP tracts from the remote sensing data, and the second one is concerned with the compliance of given CRP tracts. We have applied both the decision tree and support vector machine (SVM) approaches to the first problem, and we have shown the benefit to involve the multi-source GIS data for CRP mapping. We also develop a new one-class SVM method for CRP compliance monitoring that modifies the original one-class SVM approach by introducing a self-supervised training scheme.

Detected CRP tracts in the Texas County, Oklahoma imposed on the Landsat TM imagery (left) and the reference CRP map (right).

Related Publications

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