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Web-GIS Decision Support Systems

We have developed a prototype web-GIS Decision Support System (DSS) that aims at aiding USDA to better manage and plan CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) enrollments with the goal to maximize the environmental benefit of CRP. The proposed DSS was based on the emerging industry-standard ArcIMS GIS platform and integrates a remote sensing data analysis (CRP mapping) component and a GIS modeling component. The first component provides a timely map for CRP tracts based on remotely sensed imagery, and the second component is used to simulate and predict the potential impact on the environment. The integrated prototype web-GIS DSS supports online user interaction as well as data access and processing in a distributed environment.

The snapshot of the Web-GIS Decision Support System.

Related Publications

  • R. Mahesh, G. Fan and J. Thomas, et al.  “A Web-based GIS Decision Support System for Managing and Planning USDA's Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)”, Environmental Modelling and Software, Oct. 2006. 


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